Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Three-Dimensional Analysis and Longitudinal Observation for Osteoinductivity Induced by Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Hiroyuki OKEYA1, 2, Masaki ASAKURA2, Tatsuhide HAYASHI2, Atsuko UENO3, Masamitsu ITO1, Yuzo OHNO1, Tatsushi KAWAI2 and Toshihide NOGUCHI1
1Department of Periodontology,
2Departments of Dental Materials Science,
3Department of Gerodontology,
School of Dentistry, Aichi-Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2013;11(1):1-8

To obtain the basic information concerning time-sequential development of new bone in the same mouse, micro X-ray CT system was adopted. A cone beam type CT system, for small animals, enabled to extract three-dimensional (3D) images from the time point of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) implantation through 3-4 weeks postoperatively when usually new ossification could be observed histologically. The results obtained showed the process of new bone formation by BMP from 3D view-point. BMP initial contact area to tissue reflected the final shape of new bone, and this observation suggested the technical method to prepare the composite of BMP and scaffold.

Key words: BMP, microCT, osteoinductivity, Longitudinal observation