Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

In vitro Embryotoxicity Testing of Experimental Alloys Containing Indium for Dental Use

Koichi IMAI1 and Hiromasa TAKASHIMA2
1Department of Biomaterials, Osaka Dental University, Osaka, Japan
2Ina Research Inc., Nagano, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2013;11(2):135-140

The purpose of this study was carried out by the embryotoxicity risk assessment of the dental alloys containing indium. We produced Ag-In alloy, Ag-Pd-Au-Cu alloy and gold alloy for porcelain bonding. For the extraction of these alloy components into the ES-D3 cell culture medium, each alloy was reduced to a powder using a diamond point and sterilized after rinsing. In order to facilitate the extraction, each alloy powder was subjected to extraction together with diamond powder using a rotary stirrer. Two-fold diluted test medium was used to estimate the presence of embryotoxicity from the differentiation rate of Embryoid Bodies (EBs) in the extract. Our test results this time suggest that 35Ag-30Pd-20Au-15Cu alloys and gold al-loys for porcelain bonding involve virtually no embryotoxicity risk. On the other hand, the alloy of silver and 20% indium may require further examination.

Key words: embryotoxicity, Ag-In alloy, Indium, ES-D3 cells