Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

The Criteria for Choice of Dental Treatment: A Follow-up Survey of Foreign Residents

Department of English, Osaka Dental University, Osaka, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2013;11(2):172-179

As a sequel to a dental care survey of foreign patients conducted in 2011, the authors did a follow-up study on what determines the choice of foreigner's dental treatment in Japan. To make the research more comprehensive, people who deliberately choose not to go to dentists in this country were included as respondents of the questionnaire. Of those surveyed, 63% stated they visit dental clinics on a regular basis. These clinics were mostly found through referrals from other foreign acquaintances. What they had in common was the availability of English as well as a sense of acceptance to the foreign patient. The remaining 37% of those surveyed postpone their dental treatment until their next chance to return to their native countries. Unlike the first group, these people were not able to get the right referrals and other information that would prompt them to visit a dentist in Japan. It is interesting to note that looking at their personal oral care habits, these people do care very much about their oral health. They form not a small potential market for new dental patients.

Key words: Foreign residents, questionnaire, communication, English