Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Effectiveness of Extracted-teeth as Bone Substitute: Application to Parietal Bone Defects in Rabbits

Kyaw TINT1, Hisatomo KONDO1, Shinji KURODA1, Tatsuya FUJIMORI1, Kazuhiro AOKI2, Keiichi OHYA2 and Shohei KASUGAI1

1Oral Implantology and Regenerative Dental Medicine, Tokyo Medical & Dental University,
2Pharmacology, Department of Hard Tissue Engineering, Tokyo Medical & Dental University

J Oral Tissue Engin 2005;3(1): 7-16

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Objectives: Bone substitute comparable to autologous bone has been clinically desired. The purpose of the present study was to examine effects of demineralized dentin matrix (DDM) on regeneration in surgical bone defect.
Material and Methods: Rabbit upper right incisors were extracted and demineralized and then, dentin slices in 8µm thickness (DDM) were prepared. Two surgical bone defects were created on the skull of each rabbit. Autologous DDM was mixed with autologous platelete-rich plasma (PRP) and applied to the bone defect (experimental site) whereas autologous PRP was applied to another bone defect (control site). To keep the space of the bone regeneration, each bone defect was covered with two methylcellulose membranes. The rabbits were sacrificed 4 weeks and 8 weeks after the surgery. Subsequently, radiographical and histomorphometrical analyses were performed. Results: In the soft X-ray photographs the experimental site was more radiopaque than the control site at 4 and 8 weeks. Similarly, bone mineral density of the experimental site was higher at both time points. Histologically, bone formation was induced along with DDM and newly-formed bone in the experimental site was ex-tensive and matured, compared to the control site. Histomorphometrically, at 4 weeks, bone volume and the parameters of bone formation and resorption of the experimental site were higher than the ones of the control site.
Conclusion: The present results indicate that DDM is effective as a bone substi-tute accelerating bone repair.

Key words:bone substitute, bone graft, bone repair, regeneration, demineralized dentine matrixy