Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Molecular Precursor Method Can Coat Thin Carbonate-containing Apatite (CA) Film inside Titanium Fiber Mesh

Tohru HAYAKAWA1, Kenichi TAKAHASHI2, Masao YOSHINARI3, Hiroki HARA4, Kimiya NEMORO1 and Mitsunobu SATO4

1Department of Dental Biomaterials, Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo
2Department of Dental Materials, Nihon University, Graduate School of Dentistry at Matsudo
3Department of Dental Materials Science and Oral Health Science Center, Tokyo Dental College
4Coordination Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Kogakuin University

J Oral Tissue Engin 2005;3(1): 17-24

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Thin carbonate-containing apatite (CA) film was coated on titanium fiber mesh using molecular precursor method. Thin CA coating was produced by the immersion of titanium fiber mesh into the molecular precursor solution. The efficacy for CA coating was evaluated by electron probe micro analysis. The principle of the molecular precursor method is the application of an alcoholic precursor solution of a Ca-EDTA complex on the substrate and then firing the materials at around 600oC for 2 hours. One-time coating was not sufficient inside the titanium fiber mesh. Three-time coating produced better CA deposition not only the surface are of titanium fiber mesh but also the inside area of titanium fiber mesh. This was due to the improvement of penetration of molecular precursor solution into titanium fiber mesh. It revealed that molecular precursor method is useful for coat CA film inside the porous scaffold material such as titanium fiber mesh.

Key words: molecular precursor method, carbonate-containing apatite, titanium fiber mesh