Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Fibronectin Adsorption onto Plasma-polymerized Hexamethyldisiloxnane Coating

Tohru HAYAKAWA1, Masao YOSHINARI2 and Kimiya NEMOTO1

1Department of Dental Biomaterials, Research Institute or Oral Science, Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Japan
2Department of Dental Materials Science and Oral Health Science Center, Tokyo Dental College, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2005;3(3): 153-160

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Present study aimed to quantify the amounts of adsorbed fibronectin on hexame-thyldisiloxane (HMDSO)-coated titanium. HMDSO coating was performed by plasma polymerization and amounts of fibronectin were quantified by the ninhydrin reaction. Plasma-polymerized HMDSO coatings were firmly attached to the titanium. The fibronectin was adsorbed onto HMDSO-coated titanium surface for 24 hr. After the NaOH hydrolysis and ninhydrin reaction of adsorbed fibronectin, the amount of adsorbed fibronectin was determined by the absorbance at 570 nm using a spectrophotometer. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Fourier transform reflection-absorption spectroscopy identified the adsorption of fibronectin onto the HMDSO-coating. HMDSO-coated titanium showed significantly greater amount of adsorbed fibronectin compared with uncoated titanium. HMDSO-coating by plasma polymerization will have a potential for surface modification of titanium implant materials.

Key words: fibronectin, plasma polymerization, titanium