Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Ectopic Bone Induction by BMP-loaded Collagen Scaffold and Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Sheet

Kana INOUE, Hirofumi MIYAJI, Tsutomu SUGAYA and Masamitsu KAWANAMI

Division of Oral Health Science, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Dental Medicine, Sapporo, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2010;8(1): 19-29

We combined the use of bone morphogenetic protein-2(BMP-2)-loaded collagen scaffold and cultured bone marrow stromal cell (BMSC) sheet in order for developing new bone tissue engineering.
Rat BMSC sheets were generated in the presence of dexamethasone, β-glycerophosphate and ascorbic acid. Four types of the grafts were implanted in the intermuscular region of rat femurs: control group, collagen sponge; cell group, BMSC sheet in collagen sponge; BMP group, BMP-2-loaded collagen sponge; and BMP-cell group, BMSC sheet in BMP-2-loaded collagen sponge. Four weeks after surgery, histological and histomorphometric analysis were performed.
The BMP-cell group demonstrated abundant new bone formation compared to all the other groups (p<0.05) and marked resorption of the implanted collagen when compared to the control and cell groups (p<0.05).
The combination of BMP-2-loaded collagen sponge and BMSC sheet appeared to successfully promote an osteoinduction.

Key words: bone tissue engineering, bone marrow stromal cell, BMP-2, cell sheet, collagen sponge scaffold