Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Evaluation of the Taste of Value Added Generic Drugs by a Taste Sensor

Toshimi IIZUKA1, Takahiko KAGAYA2, Koichiro ATSUDA2 and Yuji YOSHIYAMA1
1Center for Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Sciences,
Kitasato University School of Pharmacy, Tokyo, Japan
2Department of Hospital Pharmacy, Kitasato Institute Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2011;9(3):152-158

Recovery of taste buds is one of the important targets of regenerative dentistry. Taste of the medicine will be heavily involved in regeneration of gustatory papilla. This experiment system using an electronic taste system is applicable to evalua-tion of gustatory papilla.
There is no report of having proved scientifically about the taste of the value added generic drugs. In the present study, we measured objective taste of brand and value added generic drugs of the isosorbide liquid formulations using electronic taste system α-ASTREE®. The value added generics taste restrained the taste a little. In addition, the taste of isosorbide solution formulations was not restrained by the mineral water dilution, but it was largely restrained by the apple juice dilution.
The present study was able to evaluate the taste of value added generic drugs by using the taste sensor system. And it was proven that it was one method of rising of the possibility that an effective drug therapy was able to be done by diluting it with the apple juice from these by the patient of the medication nonad-herence of the isosorbide solution formulations by this research.

Key words: taste, value added generic drug, taste sensor